Dienstag, August 08, 2006

What Animal Were You in Your Past Life?

I don't believe in rebirth, so I don't think I had a past life, but I found this answer quite amusing. I like organizing (weaving) and I am happy when I can make things possible, for me or for friends.

By the way, we share our flat with "some" spiders, one of them a Brachypelma smithi like the one shown.

You Were a Spider
You tend to be the master weaver of fate - both for yourself and those you know.A creative force, you tend to work from divine inspiration.
What Animal Were You In a Past Life?


Anonym hat gesagt…

Der Link für was man für ein Tier im vorigen Leben war, geht ned. *schnüff* Mach mal, dass es geht ;)

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So, tut!